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Hi !!

I am Tripti Athaide founder of Flavours of Fun and

Mother to an adorable daughter.

The Concept

I have always been attracted to the art of cooking, conceptualizing and assembling various dishes and this passion has been enhanced further with my daughter’s keen and active participation in the kitchen.

Looking at her joy and eagerness to learn I could definitely guess that there are many children like her out there who would get great pleasure exploring this fantastic world of food. 

Here is where I started “Flavours of fun” a culinary play class for children.

"Flavours of Fun" takes the mystery out of cooking by providing an interactive learning experience that gives children the opportunity to develop a life-long love for the culinary arts. 


It is a No Flame experience applicable for kids in the age group of 2 to 15 years.



 Activities and Learning @ Flavours of Fun


The Primary focus is to inculcate healthy eating habits, food etiquette and allowing children to make everything themselves. Being a parent I understand that children tend to be fussy about food, especially the healthy variety. I try to incorporate those foods in innovative ways and by also explaining the nutritional value of the ingredients.  


Motor skills are enhanced by using cutters, kneading dough, food art and piping. Exposure to various ingredients, herb, spices, presentation skills and table manners are some of the learning’s in my class.

Our recipes are unique and largely incorporate healthy natural ingredients.  The children learn different types of savory, sweet and baking dishes.


Looking at the smiles and wonderful feedback I have got I have also put together a unique menu that is suitable for birthday parties/events and play dates. The activities being unique bring about an extra level of excitement and flair to the occasion. We have successfully conducted workshops at top schools /cafés and children’s activity centers.


Kitchen and cooking safety


The kitchen can be as safe as any other room in the house provided the child knows and understands the things around. We continuously stress on teaching children the importance of doing things correctly and teaching the basics of kitchen equipment.



Chef Themed Birthdays

A Birthday is a great platform for a child to show their peers what they are most passionate about.

Flavours of Fun Conducts Chef Themed Birthdays for your little ones. . We often play a small game also to break the ice.
We  generally  have  2  dishes one Sweet and the Other Savory which are both, yummy and healthy.
All  the  children get a hands on individual experience to prepare their dishes. 
The  entire  activity  takes  approximately  2  hours for the same .

Along with preparing tasty dishes we ensure that we impart food facts and tell short food tales.

All ingredients and cutlery are taken care by us.